I'm a kid whom not famous among others except my classmate. Kayy, actually there's a girl who i won't type her name her had actually made me annoyed and quite offended with her words. She's a smartypant , good at sports and pluss other sort of stuff and of course there's alot of guys that would lined for her.

Everyone said that she's a pretty einstein. But for me, she's not pretty but cute but not super-duper cute. She's not that's so mean person but quite. You can't detected her meanness by the way shetalks and explained thing with 'her word'. The way she explains thing sounds like she's mocking us but in a nice way. Yeah ! i can sensed that. Seriously, i just don't get it . How would a good guy could fall in love with her ?! Gosh , there's alot more nicer , cuter and even clever that you've could choose . I'm strictly saying that i don't saw what those dudes saw in her.

Alhamdulillah :D eventhough he'd only be there for 2 day but i'm missing him . But that's okay, He's doing it for Allah and may he'll be in safe and good as always or even more.

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