It's been awhile guys, and the beginning entry supposed to be a happy refreshing entry, but this one, ain't that happy, but still ain't that sad. So cheer up peeps, lets just be happy <3 span="">

So here's a thing,
I wasn’t born in a family full of happiness and nor a free-from-fighting parents. And yeah, of course, I do have my issues with that. Especially the ‘daddy issues’. We all know that. All those quality time I’ve spent on searching quotes, deep thinking and logical literal reading,  nonetheless, still can’t helped myself to not get affected by my surrounding in the ‘peak moments’ (which also means, I’m still aren’t fully matured, still weak and dumb) which makes me annoyed even more.  And tears, it have been always my friend, ever since my existence as I am a crybaby .
Not to lie, I do miss the ‘old me’. Though she’s a lil bit immature, yet she’s pure and not dumber than what I am right now. No faking emotions, no confusion and of course no messe…
Adore. Love. Frustration. Hate.
Whenever I caught a glimpse of you, looking in my direction, even though it might not be me, even though in just a second long eye contact. But still, it never failed to make me feel full of myself.  And I keep repeating the same cycle, over and over again. And again and again, I’m there, fighting myself, my feeling by myself without letting no one knows it. I believe to none to convey and share this feeling that have been growing in me like a cancer. Though medicine, chemo and operation might slow it down, hold it in, it’ll still keep growing and never meets the end. At least not when you’re still in front of me. Trust me, you’ll never know it. Cause it’s hidden in the deepest and darkest place where ‘a light’ like you cannot reach it. Not until you feel the same way too. Which is most likely, it’ll be “NEVER”.Because you, you’re way too far. Far from what I yearn, far from what I am, in my simple quiet life. 
If I manage to move on from you, then I’ll po…
Kepada yang membaca, amiklah ikhtibar sebanyak mungkin daripada luahan hati seorang insan yang sedang diuji perjalanannya.  Walaupun hanyalah ujian yang kecil, Janganlah memandang ringan terhadap beban yang dipikul oleh seseorang itu, kerana Allah masih belum menguji kamu. 
Amanah, benda yang paling berat untuk dipikul. Berkali kali aku bertanya kepada diri, mempersoalkan takdir markah peperiksaan dan ujian yang semakin hari semakin menguji pegangan dan kewibaan aku dalam menjalankan amanah sebagai Wakil Mahasiswa Biro Akademik yang dilimpahkan olehNya kepadaku. Terlalu perit rasanya apabila kau telah berusaha sebaiknya namun masih tidak dibelenggu. Sehingga ada ketika, kau tidak mampu untuk menangis, mahupun mengeluh. Kau hanya mampu terdiam, tidak terkata. Lagi menyiksakan jika yang disekelilingmu, yang memikul amanah sepertimu juga, masih bisa berjaya. Masih bisa berjaya.Masih berada di tangga yang teratas. Masih tidak diuji benda yang mereka tiada kuasa keatasnya. Ku cuba, buat kali…
“How to get your crush to like you” “How to know if your crush friend zoned you” “How to know if the guy likes you” How to get a girl to like you” “Flirt like a pro” ???
    Preparing yourself to win your love life with these kinds of video ? You believe if you didn’t make the first move, you’ll lose her/him cause he/she is so perfect? You’re jealous towards someone who likes the same person as you do cause he/she managed to confess and be true to their feeling and you feel like you need to do so too as you also wanted to be noticed by your crush?
Yes maybe it will turned that way, but still you need to know. By doing so, you’ll drive him/her astray, if she/he is not emotionally strong enough. If the person also feels the same way as you (which is good for you), you have caused them to have hopes on you or known as “bagi harapan”. Too rely on you to fulfill their love life rather than Allah. Because to believe what you see if easier right ? Whether you’re serious or not, that person may…
People place their hope on you, So as the kind person you’ve always be, you dare to try, to help, but you failed it. And it become worst to that people, and the blame is on you. Even if the person forgave you, since it is unintentionally done, but still as the person who barely have the confidence, always trying hard no hurt anyone and satisfy everyone, undeniably it’ll make you despise yourself. You’ll feel bad.You’ll feel worthless. And it will not end just like that, it’ll takes time. And along with it, your courage drained down, till what’s only left for you is tears. So you cry. And cry, and cry. Till you’re eyes swollen and your tears are gone. Yet still the pain is still there. 
When this happens, you’ll need to:
Learn to amend yourself. Even if the world look down on you, seeing you as a mess. You need to realize, you are a human. They are a human. We all are human. And human are meant to make mistakes. Even how perfectionist we tried to be. All of us makes mistakes, in doing th…
First of all, ALHAMDULILLAH and THANKYOU ALLAH for such a great result i've got :)
But the most important thing is, i've made my parents happy and proud-of-me instead of dissapointment. Btw, about the last post, even though i'm kinda angry at my friend but those anger doesn't last forever you know, once i saw she's smiling nicely to me then my anger just like *pofff* goes away. That's the best and it's one of things i like about myself ♥
Next, all of my pictures are definitely sucks and not-pretty because i don't even know how to edit a photo and i'm using a non-DSLR camera. Yeahh! still i do have adobe photoshop cs5, but still I DON'T HAVE ANYONE TO TEACH ME HOW TO USE IT :'( saddy-me. I didn't even know how to edit picture like this :

Bytheway, that's my friend's picture :)
I'm waiting for The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack to finish the download, if it's not workingI'M GONNA HACK THAT WEBSITE*like i know how to do…
Hello Mello LittleMarshmellow :)
PMR's getting nearer and yet i'm typing a new post
I think i've became a bit immature and oversensitive in my friendship. I dont know why but sometimes, when my bestfriend talks to someone else until she didn't realise that i'm not besides her anymore, seriously i felt ignored, unwanted and alone. Am I cruel to feel that way ? Sometimes, yess.  I'm afraid to tell the truth because if i said so, usually people will have negative perception on what I say. Need to change to be better person or i'll lose my bestfriend.
Maybe the best friday i've ever had. But seriously, can't believe i'm easily letting go the opportunities because i'm so shy . For the first time, i'm hardly to breathe when i'm near to a guy that I like.  Ahhh ! seriously, can't believe i'd told my mum that i had a crush on him . but seriously, he's too cute and i bet there must be lots of girls who had a crush on him . bytheway…