First of all, ALHAMDULILLAH and THANKYOU ALLAH for such a great result i've got :)

But the most important thing is, i've made my parents happy and proud-of-me instead of dissapointment. Btw, about the last post, even though i'm kinda angry at my friend but those anger doesn't last forever you know, once i saw she's smiling nicely to me then my anger just like *pofff* goes away. That's the best and it's one of things i like about myself

Next, all of my pictures are definitely sucks and not-pretty because i don't even know how to edit a photo and i'm using a non-DSLR camera. Yeahh! still i do have adobe photoshop cs5, but still I DON'T HAVE ANYONE TO TEACH ME HOW TO USE IT :'( saddy-me. I didn't even know how to edit picture like this :

Bytheway, that's my friend's picture :)

I'm waiting for The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack to finish the download, if it's not working I'M GONNA HACK THAT WEBSITE *like i know how to do it*. Pluss, My male cousin will be married soon so, gonna be quite busy starting from tomorrow. Soo, Chawww :*

L-O-V-E MOUSTACHE and I wish i was that pretty in glasses ♥

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