Hello Mello LittleMarshmellow :)

PMR's getting nearer and yet i'm typing a new post

I think i've became a bit immature and oversensitive in my friendship. I dont know why but sometimes, when my bestfriend talks to someone else until she didn't realise that i'm not besides her anymore, seriously i felt ignored, unwanted and alone. Am I cruel to feel that way ? Sometimes, yess.  I'm afraid to tell the truth because if i said so, usually people will have negative perception on what I say. Need to change to be better person or i'll lose my bestfriend.

Maybe the best friday i've ever had. But seriously, can't believe i'm easily letting go the opportunities because i'm so shy . For the first time, i'm hardly to breathe when i'm near to a guy that I like.  Ahhh ! seriously, can't believe i'd told my mum that i had a crush on him . but seriously, he's too cute and i bet there must be lots of girls who had a crush on him . bytheway, he like the tall one, "hey hey ! i'm tall i'm tall ,pick me please ♥"

Hardly breathing when his around :3

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