hello everybody ! after two weeks didn't update the blog . Finally got the idea to fill my entry ! soo sorry for anybody who visited my blog but there's no latest news! btw, i've got hot news today 


you all know what ? i just found teacher shamsiah FB la ! miss her soo much :) never forget her cause she helps us a lot .. and we really LOVE YOU TEACHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss sgt2

her pictha and she soo cute even though she's thin . and i really like to see an old man or woman cause they look cute with no teeth and their muka berkedut ! not kutuk okee ! truthly dyeorg mmg cute ! SWEARING .. duhh :)


There's a guy . He 's so EVIL . you know what he done to me ? he take my heart away cause he know i can't live without my heart ! and everybody knows it . How he made to taka my heart ? HOW ? HOW ? i've locked it and bury it under the sea . The deepest place and nobody can reached there . But he manage !!! 

Even though he had done many evil things to me but my heart even more like him ! 
and x marah langsung beb ! but my heart as colourful as this rainbow la ! pergh ayat .. nak canggih je ! hahaha

I hope you can be my teddy bear so i can huge u if i miss you and punch you if you betray me !
and i'm hoping on you to ask me " will you be my girl " ohh what a romantic session right ?
this kids in love pitcha just for u all okee ! buat cucicuci mata jerp lepas penat menghadap buku math pluss geografi yg amat tertekan lagi menekan :)

 so that's all . have a good day and good byee :)

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