berita panas ! now i'm not coupling anymore ! spe yg clashkan ? ofcourse me la derr .. aku bukan nye ape .. just malas and rase tertekan dgn hidup berkapel niy ! and seriously :: i'm not loving him , just like his personality
duhh ! truthly aku mmg x selesa gile kapell dgn dye niy sbb ::

1. jiwang gile !! ( siap nk panggil ling la syg la )
2. not my taste 
3. rimas gile bile kapel dgn dye niy ! 

so , kalau korg pon mesti rimas right ! so , i've made a good decision ! and i'm happy with my life now !
and baru jer aku isytiharkan CLASH . dye da nak cari yg baru ! he's really not the person i can hope on !
HOPELESS BOY ! memula wktu aku ckp nk clash merayu2 x nk aku clash kan ! but then , what did he do ? just find and offer my place to somebody else ! HATE HIM :{

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