me without you, like a ballerina without her shoes

Argh !  iwant nokiac3 phonebadly ! can anyone gift it to me ! Gosh , i'm really gointg crazy with that thing  = =' ! "Mama , help me ! i want that phone please ! promise that i'll not playing computer for 3 month as long as i have that phone" Anyone ! ERGH  , hope that my mum gift me that pinky thing ! ohh phone , kenapa lah kau menarik hati aku ! haisyy , kau terlalu amazing you know ! >,<
Mum say : must get 6A's and above then you'll get that pinkyphone ;)=
 Me say : Grr * you know that i won't get that much of A's right ?
Mum say : idk , it's your choice
Me say : Yeah , good . I won't get that phone until whenwhen ;) (akutahu BI aku salah ;P)

Dear phone , hopes your waiting me to get you !
                                                                           Syuhada(your future Master ;)

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