novelnovelnovelnovelnovelnovelnovelnovel . novel pts one byk giler yg best-best belaka . Weyh ! time aku tgh kering niy gaklah buku -buku menarik muncul ! Haisyy , tak gune ! ARGH, mummy help me ! mane aku nak kaut duit smpai RM200 ? weyhweyhweyh , sesiapa yg murah hati . bagilah aku duit ! WUARGH !!! <ade ker org nak bg aku 200 ? unlogical>  money money where are you ? come to mama ! =) harap-harap ade orang kaya menderma kat aku or aku menang any contest walaupon aku tak sertai or at least bagila turunnyer 'hujan duit' 

akubencigilerkalauadebendebest-besttapiakujustboleytengokjer .

I WANNA $$$$$$$ RIGHT NOW ! 

even so Jessie J kate 'money can't buy your happiness' tapi what do i care . she can say whatever she want bcause she's rich and can buy anything she want so , she's thinking that money isn't the reason why she's happy . but for me , as a poor person . MONEY = HAPPY LIFE'S NEED  ! okayy ?? babaii ~

you're owned. i'm done . no matter i try , you'll always never pick me . so tired chasing you . let me rest forever . yes ! i can only say and say . but my heart will never stop loving you . my eyes will always find your shadows. Every time i look at you , it's like there's something hurts me and i know it's because i'm loving you . so sad of me . you'll never be MINE

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