You're just a daydream away

Gahh ! Sabtu niy dah nak grading . huahuahua :) aku just harap i can do my best . to all my friend , aku harap sgt korang doakan aku pass sbb yuran dye mahal seyhh ! kalau takk , mmg kesian lahh my parents . and papan .. aku harap sesangat aku boleh pecahkan papan :) seriously , i do hope >.< anyway , wish me luck dear ;D may Allah do help me , cause this time , seriously 100% sure pluss confirm i'll need it so much . and today , i'll hope i can do my best also cause it's the day to determine that am i deserve to take the grading . Gulp , my stomach hurts when i'm nervouse . totally hope that everythings gonna be alright and run smoothly just like my thought :/ no one can help me now . only HIM the Mighty Allah . but i'm still hoping that there's someone who will pray for me ! 

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