WARNING : This post contain only short story. If you're allergies to short stories click the [X] for immediate escape .


 I'm thinking about starting to write a diary :D but maybe not now because i'm a form three student and PMR's getting near . I know that poeple have eyes to look at me, or stare or even glance at me . But those eyes always makes me think something unnecessary. Sometimes,  if some charming guys take a look at me i feel like the guy thinks i'm pretty and that's so ridiculous but my mind kept making a paradise of lies for me . Urgh ! that makes me sounds like a jerks. Seriously, i'm dying to know people impressions about me . How do i look and etc. Sometimes, those kind of look can make me hoping much and feel like i'm on the cloud nine. HAHA , all of my wish will be granted if i'm on the cloud nine .

 --------------------------------------(second story) -----------------------------------------

Don't you feel sick if some strangers come and talks to you and starts to be your close friend just because want to be close with your best friend ? i mean like a guy approach you because he likes you BFF . and soon after you know the truth you're just like want to screw his head or even nearly punch him in the face because he makes you think that he likes you . Seriously ?!!! Yeahh no doubt. I felt the same way too . But luckily i dont punch him because if i do, he'll be shame. But i feel like banging my head against the wall because easily being fooled and live in a high expectation :l

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